Using Blockchain Wallets
 wallets are a feature rich and secure online wallet. Some features include:

  • Easy to remember URLs to access your wallets. For instance, my wallet URL is
  • Javascript encryption for your Bitcoin keys means Bitcoins stored in your online wallet are not easily stolen by this service provider or hackers.
  • Create paper/off-line keys for ultimate security.
  • Two factor authentication¬†

Registration / Setup

Normally, your BlockChain wallet will have a long URL like If you specify a nickname during setup, you can access your wallet using a vanity URL like

Offline Logins

Offline Logins allow you to access some features of your wallet while not connected to the Internet. This reduces the risk that your keys can be compromised from certain kinds of attacks.

To login “offline”:

  1. Switch your browser’s mode to “private browsing”
  2. Login to your wallet with “Offline Mode” checked.
  3. Set your browser to “Work offline” and/or disconnect your computer from the network.

To safely logout:

  1. Close the BlockChain tab. This prevents any bad code from transmitting your keys when you bring your browser back online.
  2. Plug your computer back into the network and/or disable the “work offline” feature of your browser.
  3. Switch out of “private browsing” mode.¬†


One of the first things you should do with your BlockChain wallet is back it up. This will allow you to access your Bitcoins even if the BlockChain service ceases to exist. Visit the Import/Export tab for options. I highly recommend printing a paper wallet from “offline” mode for ultimate security, confidence and reliability.